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Full Service Interior Design

Fabulous interior design happens long before you choose a chair or pick out pillows! It begins with meticulous planning of the space, takes shape with clear and innovative vision, and ends with artful execution of the details. We can handle the entire process for you or collaborate with you at any step along the way.

  • Programming
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Specifications & Drawings
  • Installation
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Award-winning Interior Design

Drawing inspiration from the natural elements of Naples’ environs, we create stunning designs, many of which exemplify the coastal lifestyle. Emphasizing comfort, livability, and exceptional beauty, our unique designs spanning traditional, and contemporary can be found throughout Southwest Florida’s most prestigious communities. From a single room to a whole house, condo to estate home, our elegant, timeless designs will transform your space and your perspective!

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Personalized Interior Design

“The last thing I’d ever want is two of my clients with the same kitchen or even the same chair. Everyone is different; therefore all my designs are unique.”

Natasha’s commitment to creating intimate, personalized interiors has her plumbing the depths of imagination and combing a vast array of resources to produce designs of limitless appeal and enduring beauty. A consummate professional, she applies a disciplined organizational approach to NP Interior Design in order to achieve efficient operations and steady, calculated growth.

“Whether taking the lead or playing a supporting role, we want to be a fully involved member of your team. We work every day with developers, builders, architects, lighting designers, and landscape professionals. Part of our job is to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible. As a team player, we do our part to manage your deadlines and budget.”