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Choosing Furnishings to Complement your Space

Choosing furnishings can evoke strong love/hate reactions! When confronted with myriad styles, sizes, finishes, and fabrics, even choosing one item of furniture for your new room can be overwhelming. Add to the nuance of color and you can easily feel swamped by the selection of one sofa, chair, or set of linens.

Interior Designers Make Choosing Furnishings Fun and Easy!

Remember the first few designer-client meetings we have? During that get-acquainted stage we work out a schematic design that incorporates not only the space requirements of your project, but also takes into account your preferred design styles. And your budget. With the more permanent finish and fixture selections made, it’s easier to add furnishings that complement your design, be they case goods or upholstered pieces. Special computer programs allow us to add and subtract elements to your design space to produce a rendering that gives you a realistic visualization of your finished project. Choosing furnishings becomes fun and easy!

Secret of the Best Interior Designers

Three little words open up a whole new world of choices for you when you work with a professional interior designer: “to the trade.” Natasha Pereira Interior Design can guide you through this world of quality furnishings and accessories available directly from manufacturers only to interior design professionals. Best of all, the majority of these furnishings are fully customizable. Choosing furnishings with the guidance of an experienced interior designer results in a perfectly styled, personalized room.