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Interior design services

Interior design services are available from start to finish at Natasha Pereira Interior Design. We can assist you all the way, with space planning through final installation, or provide interior design services at any step along the way. From a single room redo to a whole-house renovation; from a simple upgrade to a complete redesign or new design, choosing professional interior design services from Natasha Pereira will result in a stunning aesthetic achieved through an efficient process.


Sometimes called the Discovery phase, Programming is the initial client consultation. This is where we sit down with you and have a conversation to determine what your goals are for your interior design project. Prior to the first consultation, we may ask you a series of questions or even ask you to complete a written questionnaire designed to educate us on how you live in your home, what your hopes and dreams are for the space we are designing with you. Honest communication and extensive collaboration are the keys to success of your interior design project, and this is where that relationship is established.

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Schematic Design

During this phase we will be devising a space plan, keeping in mind functionality, flexibility, adaptability and your personal comfort and preferences. We will study traffic flow patterns through the space, identify areas where specific lighting is required, consider minimum clearances and note their need on the floor plan, and any other structural or physical elements that need to be incorporated. For example, if the space will be used as a home office, are there adequate outlets available for task lighting and office equipment; if it’s a dining room, how many people will be seated and is there enough room on all sides for the dining chairs?

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Design Development

This step in the interior design process is exactly what it sounds like! With your chosen schematic design in hand, we will fine-tune the plan with detailed finish, fixture, and furnishing selections. We will finalize your idea board and prepare cost estimates to fit within your budget. The result will be presented to you for final review and approval.

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Specifications & Drawings

Also referred to as Construction Documentation, in this phase we turn your final, approved design into specifications and schedules that clearly communicate your desires to your architect and builder in terms they can apply to your project. We produce sketches, renderings, even 3-D models or whatever other supporting material is necessary to create the design of your dreams.

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If your project involved an architect and builder, this phase is known as Construction Administration, the final phase when things are built and installed. We will be on hand to ensure that all of the interior design elements you chose — finishes, fixtures and furnishings — are received onsite in good condition and are properly installed according to your design plan. Our attention to detail will make this phase seem effortless, and for you, it is!

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